James Voulakos uses his extensive experience in sales and sales management to help you achieve your goals.

For salespeople

If you’re a salesperson, he can help you to:

- Determine the areas where you need to improve your performance

- Develop a plan for improving performance

- Finding out the “sticking points” that stand between you and higher performance

- Analyze your existing customer base to determine its strengths and how to make it better

For sales management

In many companies, sales managers are promoted based on their ability to sell, and are not given the tools they need to help a team of salespeople succeed. James Voulakos can work with you to determine:

- The strengths of your sales team, and areas for improvement

- Determining your management style, and how to use it for best performance

- Showing you how you can coach your own salespeople to better performance

To learn more about how James can improve the performance of managers, click on the link to the left.


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